You told me today

You told me today , you need to go. Leave , figure things out. You told me today , you can’t do this anymore, you didn’t know what you wanted. You told me today you are confused, scared. You told me today you didn’t think I’d understand , that I would be angry cause you changed your mind. You cried when you said you just know you can’t stay here and do this anymore you have to leave.

What you didn’t tell me was how to not melt into a puddle of tears, how to look at you and stay strong. You didnt tell how I am supposed to let you go.

But, what I didn’t tell you was , that as your mother, I’ve dreaded this day for so long. That my heart breaks but fills with pride. That I will be strong on the outside and breaking to pieces inside.

Leave knowing that I love you . That you can come home always and again. That the world is a scary place but I will be there to pick you up, should it knock you down. I will run to you anytime day or night and think and wish for all good things to come. I’m here and I will support you and be your biggest fan.

So , my daughter, remember to ” breathe deep and fly high ”

I will be here when you land .


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