Shout out to an author

Shout out to an author

I am a fan of many authors, and I have read thousands of books.  But it is the rare author that I find, who can bring me to so many highs and so many lows in the span of 300 pages.  I have just completed ( in two days ) two books; Finding Cinderella and Hopeless.  Within these two novels, I have laughed OUT LOUD, I cried, I was anxious, upset, angry. My emotions have run the gamut.

   It is because of this, I am compelled to write this post. Never have I felt a need to thank or express appreciation of an author for their writing.  However, there is something special about Colleen Hoover’s novels that make me want to help get her novels out there, and share the ride with others. I sincerely hope she will continue writing for a very long time.  She is the writer I wish I always could have been, and aspired to be so long ago. 

So please visit her site, follow her here on WordPress, as well as Twitter and Facebook. 

Thank you  for reading




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